Facebook pages – Getting off to a great start (Part 2)

Ben Steyn

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Part two to set up your Facebook pages kicks off with some Page settings

Facebook pages settings

To edit your Facebook page settings you will go to your page and look to the right.

Here you will find a plethora of options, but I will guide you to the required ones.

Lets start with your page layout

Click on Settings

Facebook Pages Manage page
Facebook pages - Getting off to a great start (Part 2) 4

Now look for Templates and Tabs

Under this heading, you will be able to select the right layout for your Facebook pages. You will be able to choose basic templates like Business, Services, Public Figures, etc. Most likely you will use either Business or Services unless you are branding yourself in which case you will select Public Figures.

You will also be able to edit which buttons or tabs show on your Facebook pages. Simply switch the Optional tabs that you want on and click and drag the tabs to rearrange them to your liking.

Move on to

Facebook Pages - General settings
Facebook pages - Getting off to a great start (Part 2) 5

Under General there are a few options you need to pay attention to. The first is Page Visibility. Make sure it shows Page Published.

Look for Visitor Posts.

This I usually set to Disable Posts by Other People. I want to keep control over my page and keep it on topic. Should I elect to not lock this setting, visitors can come to my page and post whatever they want to.

The next is Page Moderation.

When selected this enables you sensor your page for certain keywords. Should you for example have a rival that you want to make sure keeps off your Facebook pages you can enter their name in this setting. Anybody that then creates a post with this name in there will still see their post, but nobody else will be able to see that post.

You can grow this option as you see the need, so don’t go all monkey poo and add every name or person that you can stink of. Strat with one or two and add as you find the need.

The final important setting you need to pay attention to is the Call To Action Button.

Facebook Pages - Call to action
Facebook pages - Getting off to a great start (Part 2) 6

This is how people will be making contact with you. Again there are a lot of options available and you need to make the decision of how you want to set this up. If you have an online store you can select Start Order or Get Quote. Should you be in a service industry I would recommend you select Messenger or WA. Bot can be setup to give an Away message as well as a FAQ list, giving you the option to answer your clients even when you are not immediately available.

What to post on Facebook pages and how to find content for posts

In our very first post we touched on the 3 basics that need to be in your Facebook posting plan




When you are new to posting it feels like a daunting task to come up with new posts every 2 days.

The easiest way around this is to use other peoples content. When you find content that will fit with your niche, use it – Link back to the article, but give your opinion on the piece. Points that you feel are relevant, disagreements ect

You can also go to free article sites like www.ezinearticles.com or www.ArticleCity.com You can simply copy and paste these articles to your page, but remember to give credit where credit is due – Link back to the original article.

Video content

Get in front of the camera, make you the brand. Because people can see and hear you video posts are very powerful and build relationships a lot quicker. They help you move through the Know, Like , Trust sequence a lot quicker.

Video of other peoples content.

When you find a great video on Youtube you can use it. But again remember to share your thought and opinions on it as well

Aim for 1 good post per day. If you are unable to give good content every day rather make it every 2 or 3 days.

Sharing information that other people already know.

Use the experts out there and share their information on your Facebook pages. Over time the line of who said what gets blurred and people start to see you as the expert.

Document your process.

Documenting over creation is easier, quicker, and usually more “personal”, so it builds trust quicker.

Use topics like

How am I onboarding clients?

How do I get clients to give me the right feedback before printing?

Think of questions that you get asked often and make a video answering those questions. Upload the video to your Facebook pages and share it with other groups.

Our last piece for today: Engagement with your audience

Depth over width – Having 100 people that like your Facebook pages & trust you is a lot more valuable than 10 000 that merely know you.

Provide value – Give extra information when you are asked, build brand equity for yourself and your brand by becoming the go to person in your field

Reply back to comments and try to start a conversation with people that comment on posts. Talk to them like you would talk to a friend, be humorous, helpful, relaxed with a winning attitude

Following this simple guide will assist you in building your Facebook pages into a sustainable, scalable & future-proof client base that draws clients to you and makes sure you don’t need to go in search of them.

Our next post will cover Boosting Facebook Posts – The 2nd best way to expand your reach

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