How to advertise on Facebook – The best 7 part series for newbies

Ben Steyn

You need to start advertising and setting yourself as the expert in your field now, before the big brands start pumping money into social marketing and definitely before your opposition positions themselves there.

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How to advertise on Facebook
Facebook for business?

Whether you love or loath Facebook you need to keep an open mind when looking to build your business.

When you start searching you’ll find that Facebook is still the largest social media site with some incredible numbers and learning how to advertise on Facebook is an incredible boost for your business.

  • Over 2 Billion Monthly active users
  • More than 1.32 Billion daily active users
  • One in five page views in the US happens on Facebook
  • 19% of the time spent on mobile devices is on Facebook
  • ONLY 3 Million businesses are using Facebook for business adverts

And I know you’re thinking 3 million is a lot of competition, but take that in relation to 2 billion active monthly users and you can see there is a lot of room left for growth.

With attention moving from the TV to the smartphone quicker than ever, those putting out great content and positioning themselves early will capitalize on the wave.

Even when watching the newest movie on Netflix you just need to look around and at least one person will be busy on their phone or be holding their phone ready for the next Facebook hit.

The best time to learn Facebook for business
The best time to learn Facebook for business

The same with Facebook for business

The best time to learn how to advertise on Facebook is NOW.

As the big brands are slowly starting to discover Facebook for business in advertising, you will see advertising costs going up. More and more fortune 500 companies are starting to realize that social media marketing can have a big impact on their bottom line and their marketing departments are learning how to advertise on Facebook. Once they start pumping in big money the cost will go up BIG TIME

So you need to start advertising and setting yourself as the expert in your field now, before the big brands start pumping money into social marketing and definitely before your opposition positions themselves there.

Facebook for business?

There are a few areas in Facebook that you need to be aware of and that will play a big role in this blog series:

  • Account
  • Page
  • Messenger
  • Groups

Your account represents you, not your business.

It allows you to keep your own identity and to interact with your friends, family and maybe a few select business partners on a personal level.

Here you can post your personal information, holiday photos or those nice motivational posters with kittens. With a limit of 5000 friends on your account you need to be careful of who you accept as a friend and be aware that this does put a crimp on any plans that you have of scaling your business exposure.


This is the representative of your business on Facebook the key point that you will need if you want to learn how to advertise on Facebook. With no upper limit of followers, your Facebook page gives you enough room for growth. Your business page is also listed in Google search, giving you another chance of being listed when your service is searched for.

While browsing on Facebook, your business page gives you the opportunity to share, like and post as your business, showing a more professional image and giving you a bit of distance from your personal account.  If you prefer you can completely separate your personal account and your business page, with no personal information displaying on your business page.

Using Messenger/Whatsapp when using Facebook for business

 Messenger started as Facebook’s private communications tool and after they purchased Whatsapp in 2014 they added the ability to connect a Whatsapp business account to your business page (see – I told you that you need a separate business page). One of the greatest benefits of both these tools is that you can setup chatbot to give immediate responses to your clients.

Both Messenger and Whatsapp business as the ability to add FAQ’s, Auto replies and Away messages.

On top of that you also get a 90% open rate on most of your messages, meaning that more people will receive your incredible important information.


Groups are great to build a tight knit community or a mastermind. With the different types of groups (Open, Closed or Secret groups) you can find the one that fulfills your needs to a tee.

Easy communication and the ability to allow or deny posting in the group will give you the power to keep discussions on topic.

Warning – It takes more management to keep your groups on the topic and a big group can amplify anything that goes wrong.

In our next post, we will start you on the basic steps to set up your Facebook account, how to get the most out of Facebook branding and what you should post on your account.

Continue to post 2: Setting up your Facebook Account. Step 1 to great exposure

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