Setting up your Facebook account – Step 1 to great exposure

Ben Steyn

Rather post 1 or 2 high quality posts per week than 3 or 4 low or average quality posts per day. The better the quality of your posts the better the interaction will be that you get.

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Welcome back

In today’s post we will show you the following

  • Creating your new Facebook account
  • Facebook account branding
  • What to post on your account

Setting up your Facebook account

Signing up for your Facebook Account
Setting up your Facebook account - Step 1 to great exposure 3

Let’s start by showing you how to setup your Facebook account. (If you already have an account that you want to use – skip to the next section)

Go to

Here you will click on the button “Create New Account”

Make sure you enter all the fields as requested and click “Sign Up”

Facebook may take you through some additional steps to confirm that you are a human and not a robot creating a multitude of accounts. These may or may not include a CAPTCHA and an email confirmation.

Please ensure you use your everyday name as Facebook is cracking down on people using a personal account for business purposes.

A Facebook account name like Steve Williams will get approved, but something like Screen Printing is most definitely going to get you suspended before you even get to log in.

Finding your way in your Profile

Once you have logged into your Facebook account you need to pay attention to a few things.

Firstly you can follow all the prompts to create a personal profile – Add a photo of yourself, enter some of your works history, ect. You do not need to complete all of the prompts as we will be using this profile to launch your business page and not to socialize (but you can if you want to).

The next thing to pay attention to is the main menu bar

Main Menu bar inside your Facebook Account
Main Menu Bar

The four main icons you need to be familiar with in your Facebook Account are Home, Friends, Groups and Create.


Will take you to your timeline. This is where you can post on your own timeline and also where you will see what your friends have been posting.


Will allow you to see who has accepted your friend requests as well as display any friend requests that you have received.


Is where you go when you want to see the activity in the groups you joined.


This is where you will click to create your business page or a new group of your own.

But before we move to creating a page, let’s make sure your profile is setup to show you as an authority in your field.

Click on the link to your profile – Mine is showing my photo with my name “Barend”. Look for the button that says “Edit profile” and work through a few of the sections.

When setting up your Facebook account the following is important

Your Photo – Post a nice professional photo, not a photo of the last time you went clubbing

Your Cover Photo – Canva ( has the correct dimensions, so you can create one that fits perfectly. If you are going to use your profile as linked to your business, this is a great place to start.

Bio and Customize your Intro should also receive some special attention as this will be some of the first things people will see of your account.

Scroll down a little bit and click on “Edit your About info” – Work through the topics that will generate the biggest impact: Places worked, Website, Contact and basic info.

Facebook is in the habit of making regular changes to their layout, so some of the items I mentioned may move, but they will be in the same general area or under a similar heading.

What content to post on Facebook

Consistency is key. You want to show people you are going to be a constant in their world. If you post 6 times on your first day and then disappear for 2 months you are going to struggle to get any of the interaction that you want. People won’t see you as reliable and you will lose any goodwill that you build with your first posts.

High quality.

Rather post 1 or 2 high quality posts per week than 3 or 4 low or average quality posts per day. The better the quality of your posts the better the interaction will be that you get.

And stay relevant to your niche and your customers.

If you specialize in printing Little League garments use that.

Showcase some of your products; tag the teams that you supported.

Do the same if you Merch clothing – Show your latest run, tell your audience about a specific problem you encountered on the run and show them how you fixed it.

Facebook loves video, especially live video – so make use of that and get the most out of your posts.

Relevant content to your niche or your customers will get interaction. Video, photo or text

Remember – Document, don’t create – Show what you are doing, how you are growing, and how you are helping.

In the next 2 posts, we will move from your Facebook account to Facebook pages, see you in

If you missed out on the first post go to How to advertise on Facebook – The best 7 part series for newbies

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