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Heat Transfer Printing

200 FREE Designs

Sometimes it’s tough to find design inspiration. This can lead to added stress during an already challenging day. Download our free design files to inspire your creativity

DTG Printing

State Of The Industry

Whether you are new to the apparel industry or have years of experience, being able to stay on top of trends and being able to pivot your business is essential to achieving success

Screen Printing How To Markup Goods

Markup versus Margin

How much should I charge for screen printing, is only one of the questions you should ask. how much are you marking up your goods? Do you know your margin? In this newsletter, we share our Markup vs Margin Calculator that allows you to easily calculate what your markup, on goods, should be in order to be profitable.

Screen Printing and Embroidery Cost Calculator

Screen Print & Embroidery Cost Calculator

How much should I charge for screen printing, the mystery question! With this spreadsheet you can easily generate a print or embroidery price list that is viable. All imprint pricing should have a cost associated with it, because without capturing costs, how do you know you are profitable? This tool will guide you towards creating accurate costs and retail pricing matrices.

Embroidery Shop Terms And Conditions

FREE Terms and Conditions Template

Because of the complexity of what apparel business owners go through (art approvals, rush charges, customer supplied items) it is important to have in writing how a customer will do business with you. A well written terms and conditions policy solves this problem.

DTG Print Profitable Business

Calculate Your Sales, Break Even Point

If you want to plan for future growth you have to know where you are right now. This tool not only helps you calculate your Sales Break Even Point but takes it a step further to help you calculate where you need to be in order to grow your business.

About Teesom

• Your Success Is Our Success•

JCW Software’s, Teesom is a cloud based print shop management application that will boost your sales, streamline your production and manage your purchasing.

Our team has 25+ years of combined experience in the apparel industry. Our staff members have also run their own apparel businesses and understand the challenges you face.

At Teesom, we are here to make your life easier so you can focus on doing the things that you love.

We know the more successful you are, the more successful we are and together we can build a partnership that allows us both to be successful.

Teesom vs. Prinavo vs. Inksoft vs. YoPrint vs. Priceit vs. Deconet

Which is the best printshop management software?

Many companies, like yourself, will ask “How much should I charge for screen printing?” and then before you know it everybody on social media suggest some print shop management software that will instantly calculate your printing costs. It is not that simple. But so be it, which of these programs should you buy or consider ?

We can debate, which “print shop management software” is the best, all day long, but the fact is, it is very subjective.
It depends on your business model. In many cases Teesom would be the best fit, but in some cases it may not be a great fit.

Your time is valuable, and taking up hours of your time, implementing the wrong software, is not good for anybody.

We urge you to setup a quick 30min appointment so you can tell us all about your business needs. We want to know, what challenges you face everyday, and together we can identify if Teesom will work for your company.

Customer retention is more important to us than making quick sale. 

Let’s talk . We will listen and give you our honest feedback.

If you like what you’ve seen so far, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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How much should I charge for screen printing

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