Teesom Features

80+ Teesom Features that will give you all the tools you need, to successfully grow your business

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Teesom Features
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3 Tier Pricing

Present customers with 3 pricing options based on a turnaround date. Minimize rush orders or make money on them. 3 Tier pricing is completely customizable. You can turn this feature on or off by customer or for each individual order.

Quote Follow Up Reminders

Teesom will remind you to follow up on pending quotes. Record conversation notes and set a new follow up reminder, if needed or best of all just because you cared to follow up, convert the quote to an order.

Quote Expiration

Set an expiration date on a quote. This will prevent your customers from placing orders on stale quotations. Prices change and you need to protect yourself from order confirmation on quotes that are months if not years old.

After Sales Follow Up

Set a reminder to follow up, with your customer, and see if they are happy with the quality of your works and service you provided. Customer appreciate you checking and and it leads to customer retention.

Live Vendor Stock Check

Check stock before sending the quote to your customer, and avoid disappointing them.

Online Order Confirmations

Teesom will remind you to follow up on pending quotes. Record conversation notes and set a new follow up reminder, if needed or best of all just because you cared to follow up, convert the quote to an order.

Live Vendor Pricing

Teesom’s live integration with AlphaBroder, SanMar, S&S Activewear and TSC apparel, allows you to create accurate quotes that are profitable.

Easily duplicate quotes / orders

Create duplicate / re-orders in only two clicks. You can select to keep the previous order pricing or ask Teesom to get the latest costs and calculate a new price.

Advanced Pricing.

Create unlimited Markups for goods, based on the item type, who the customer is and/or the number of items being ordered. Markups in Teesom are completely customizable. A hat could be marked up differently than a high-end jacket. You may markup certain customers, such as charities, differently. And of course, the more they order the less the markup percentage will be.

Powerful Pricing Engines

Unlimited price matrices can be created. Embroidery pricing can be charged by a flat fee, by stitch count or stitch count breaks, we have you covered. Customizing Screen Printing, DTG Printing, Heat Pressing, and Squared Pricing (for signs), are quick and easy, as well. Unlimited additional charges can be created for all price lists.

All Vendor Catalogs are Included

AlphaBroder, Augusta Sportswear, Blue Generation, SanMar, S&S Activewear, TSC Apparel. And we continue to add more vendor catalogs all the time.

Own Products

Add your own catalog items. You are not limited to the major vendor catalog items that are already included in your Teesom subscription.

Quote Stages (Sales Pipeline)

Customize and color code your quote stages, e.g. “Waiting On Customer” etc.

Lost Quote Reasons

Record and Track why you lost orders. You can even add a short note for future reference.

• Manage Your Production •
Interactive Job Board

Click on job board elements to see more detail on a particular area such as “Goods Purchased” will display a list of linked purchase orders that you can open on the fly.

Production Tasks (To Do)

Teesom has a task list broken down by departments so you see which orders needs ship, which orders are running late etc.

Drag and Drop Calendar

Use Teesom’s calendar to see how busy you are on a particular day. Drag and drop orders from one day to another. Click on any job to see more detail.

Work Order Stages

Create and Color Code custom work order stages e.g. “Pre-Press” or “Ready To Ship”

Order Tracking (Good To Go)

When the goods are in, and art is approved, a job is good to go. Teesom indicates “Good To Go” jobs in your calendar, tasks and job board, so you can drag them to earlier dates and make room for future orders.

Packing Slips

Create packing slips in a single click. If an order is marked for blind shipping, your customer’s details will print on the packing slip instead of yours.

Track Customer Goods

Teesom has a separate module to track customer goods. Customer goods can be partially received and supports multiple shipments coming in.

Manage Customer Expectations

Teesom This is great when you are a contract printer. Teesom has a separate area where you can set “customer expectation” dates e.g. the date the artwork needs to be approved or the date customer supplied goods are due in order to meet their deadline.

Online Artwork Approvals

Customers can approve or reject orders online. Teesom will send out approval reminders so you can have more time to focus on production.

Artwork Approval History

Teesom saves each art approval separately and assigns a separate revision to each one. You can track changes and see an entire history of approvals for a particular job.

Secure OTP Approval

This optional (One Time Pin) feature adds an extra layer of security when customers approve art. A unique pin number will be sent to your customer’s cell phone number that they need to enter when approving artwork. This acts as a digital signature to ensure that the right person approves the artwork.


This optional feature allows you to easily send re-approvals to your customer on re-orders. Click here to read why re-approving artwork is so important

Artwork Stages

This is a great feature to track artwork progress. Create and Color Code custom artwork stages such as “Art is Press Read” or “Sent to DTS”

Track actual vs Quoted Specifications

If you quoted your customer on 2000 stitches but the job turns out to be 5000 stitches then you can capture the actual stitch count and at the time of re-order you can select to quote your customer on the actual stitch count. Same goes for screen printing and other embellishment specifications. Great for contract embellishers.

Blind Shipping

Another great feature for contract embellishers. Send goods directly to your customer’s customer and don’t reveal your identity. Your customer’s address and info will print on the packing slip.

Work Order Timeline

Add multiple notes and stage changes to an order. Then view a detail timeline of progression with notes, date stamps and attachments.

Incognito Notes

Select which notes in your timeline is visible to your customer and which are private.

Printable Work Order

Print work orders to your printer or pdf file. The PDF version of your work order will be fully interactive and you can click on images to view more detail.

Record Production Setup

Free field to record mesh counts, ink colors, machine speed and other production information. Kees re-orders consistent.

Duplicate Artwork

Easily click and duplicate any artwork file. Make minor changes and you will have a brand-new design ready to go.

Production File Uploads

Unlimited image and file uploads up to 5mb per file. Larger files like photoshop channel separations can be uploaded to Google drive and linked to your artwork fie.

Google Drive Integration

Use Google Backup and Sync in conjunction with Teesom. Click here to see how that works

• Simplify purchasing •
Consolidated PO’s

Group multiple orders and great one single purchase order and save on shipping. You can also do partial orders or order part of the shirts from one vendor and the balance from another vendor.

Outsourced PO’s

Send purchase orders to your contract printer. Your contract printer or embroidery company can click on a link in the PO and see a detailed work order with imprint instructions. You can also request blind shipping directly to your customer. When creating the purchase order, your customer’s address will be in the list of available ship addresses. If you select your customer’s address, then Teesom will automatically request that your contract printer blind ships to your customer.

Single PO’s by Work Order

If you don’t like to consolidate your work orders into a single PO then you don’t have to. Create single Purchase Orders for every work order. Use the work order number as the PO number which means when the shipment arrives it is easy to identify which order the goods belong to.

Live Vendor Integration

Check vendor stock and pricing right before purchasing. Send purchase orders in real time and get immediate confirmation from your vendor. Select which warehouse you want to purchase from when ordering from S&S or AlphaBroder.

Auto Swap items

(e.g. From 2000 to G200)

Check vendor stock right before purchasing. If your vendor does not have stock, simply select another supplier and Teesom will automatically swap the previous supplier codes with the new supplier codes, and then do another stock check. Shopping for stock has never been this easy!

Pull from own inventory

Teesom will alert you when there is inventory being held on an item, so that you can pull from stock instead of purchasing. Assigning stock from inventory helps with cash flow!

Internal PO Instructions

Sales reps can negotiate with suppliers then attach a purchase order instruction to any work order line. At the time of purchasing the instruction will appear and your purchasing staff member can read and follow the instructions.

Send PO notes to vendor

This is different from PO instructions, but you can easily copy the PO instructions to the PO notes section for your vendor to read.

• Inventory Control •
Multi warehousing

Teesom supports multi warehouse inventory control. You can create different warehouses if you have multiple locations or even create warehouses if you have multiple places where you keep stock in the same building. 

Group Catalog items to 1 inventory item

e.g. The G200 from AlphaBroder and the 2000 from SanMar is the same item. No matter which vendor you purchase from, Teesom will check in the goods under a single inventory code. This way you do not have to manually add up two sets of inventory items to see how many Gildan shirts you have in stock.

Internal Warehouse transfers

Teesom supports multi warehousing. You can easily transfer inventory from one warehouse to the other.

Inventory Journals

Write off damaged stock or adjust the average cost. Teesom gives you all the power you need to manage your inventory and know at any time how many dollars are tied up in your warehouse.

• Business Management Tools •
Security Text notifications

Teesom will send the primary user a text message as an extra layer of protection when anything happens that we think you should be aware of, such as refunds or invoices that are voided.

User Access Control

Limit access to certain areas of the program. Group users under a user type and assign access control to the user type.

Device Dashboard

See who is logged in and active in Teesom and from which device. You can also block devices. Just an additional layer of security so you can stay in control.

QuickBooks Online and Desktop Integration

Send invoices, purchase orders, payments, suppliers, and customers to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop.

Combined tax option

This is an especially important feature if you want your taxes to be correct and sync up with QuickBooks. 6% tax plus 3% tax is not the same as 9% tax. Each tax needs to be calculated separately, rounded then added together.

Customer Messaging

Stay in contact with your customer. Customer can send and receive messages when considering a quote or during artwork approvals.

Online Payments

It’s never been easier for customers to pay you while you are busy managing your company.

Your Brand Only

There is no Teesom branding on anything that goes out to your customer.

Text Messages Included

You don’t need your own Twillo or any other gateway account. All text messages are included in our paid packages

Use Your Own Email Address

Send emails from YOUR domain, e.g., Sales@myprintshop.com

• Your Success is our success •
Personal Account Manager

We have your back. We will not leave you hanging. Your success is our success.

Priority Support

All paid packages get priority support. We respond within one business day. Well… that is our policy, but it is much faster than that. Give us a try

Live Chat Support

There is Live chat support in Teesom. Just click on the chat icon and speak to a real person on the other end. If they cannot help you immediately, they will create a support ticket and escalate it to the next level.

Remote / Zoom Support

Instead of exchanging many messages, it is just sometimes easier to initiate a remote support session and get the problem instantly resolved. If we cannot answer your question within 3 exchanges, then we will suggest a remote session to get it resolved. We do not like aging tickets 😊