Teesom FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, it’s NOT a free trial. It’s totally FREE.

You don’t need a credit card to sign up or use Teesom.

Teesom’s FREE version is specifically designed for start up companies who do 20 orders or less a month.

We know starting up a new business is hard and it takes a while before you will be flying.

We wanted to help, companies just like you, to grow their new businesses faster.

That is why we decided to launch our FREE version with ALL features included.

We want you to have all the tools you need to grow your new business and be successful. After all our motto is “Your Success Is Our Success!”

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One of our most frequently asked questions.

Whether you use Printavo, Inksoft, DecoNetwork, FastManager or any other competitor’s software you should have the ability to export most of your data in CSV format and then we can advise you from there.

Teesom vs. Printavo; Teesom fundamentally differs, from Printavo, in the way we capture orders.

Most of our ex Printavo customers already had their data exported to QuickBooks and we were able to import their customer information directly from QuickBooks. 

Unfortunately we are unable to import any of your order history or invoices. 

When you sign up for Teesom you will start off in DEMO mode. You will stay in DEMO mode until you are ready to go live. When in DEMO mode, all emails that would have gone to your customers will come to you, so that you don’t accidentally send your customers quotes and approvals during onboarding. Once you feel comfortable to go live you can do so. Teesom is still FREE up to 20 orders. Demo mode is simply to get you started.

You need both!

We believe having great accounting software is a must, but they are designed in a generic way and do not cater for our industry’s unique needs.

Features like custom pricing matrices or the ability to build the imprint price into the garment but keeping track of separate costs in the background is not available in any other software.

Our included major vendor catalogs and live integration will save your hours of time. If you use QuickBooks, for example, you would need to create hundreds of thousands of product codes manually and you would still not have the time saving features that you  get in Teesom.

Teesom integrates with QuickBooks (Online and Desktop), so you can use Teesom as your front end and still use QuickBooks to generate the necessary accounting information that your accountant will require and generate important reports to gauge the health of your business, such as Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheet, Tax Reports, Accounts Payable, etc.

The Teesom development team releases an update  at least once a month. In all updates we fix minor bugs reported during that month and also add improvements.

In most updates we also add one or more new features. A newsletter is sent, after an update, with release notes so that you are aware of all improvements and any new feature(s) that may have been added.

We also add minor wish list items in most of our updates.

We release at least one major new feature, or module (e.g.  Inventory Control), every quarter.

You do not have to do anything on your side. It simply will be available the next time you log-in.

No! ALL features are Included in ALL subscriptions. We only limit the number of users per subscription plan. When you subscribe you will simply continue to receive continuous improvements and features at the same monthly amount.

JCW Software, however, is in the process of developing a store front application which will run and be billed separately. The store front can be used as a stand alone or in conjunction with Teesom and will be an entirely separate product.

When users were solicited for testimonials, one of the main response we got was how quick our support team responded to requests and issues. Users made statements like “I can’t believe the request I made was done in real time” and “I typically get a resolution within 15-20 minutes, maximum 1 hour”.

We attribute this great response time to our Live Support Chat built into the program. If the request cannot be handled in the Live Support Chat, the chat is then converted to a ticket and escalated. Once escalated, you will be informed often of the status of the ticket and our goal is to get you to a resolution within as soon as possible. 

Our standard response times are documented in our support policy, however in most cases we respond within hours and not days.

A recent report from our support desk application showed that our chat response is between 5-10 minutes and our ticket response is between 30-45 minutes, with an average resolution of 16 hours. To read more on our Support Policy, click here.

Teesom can easily be setup   in about 4 hours. This mostly depends on your business model.

Do you know what your apparel decorating pricing matrices will be? Do you know how much you want to mark up your apparel? Do you have information like your outgoing SMTP from your email provider, and know what the flow of your production is? Then the setup will go quick, if these are decisions you will have to make during setup, it will take longer.

Once the setup is done, on-boarding employees into the system is easy. All team members will have access to group training from Teesom, an online manual, and the YouTube instructional videos found on our Teesom channel.

We know the better the setup, the more successful you will be.

We will assist with all aspects of setup. From markup tables, pricing matrices, email templates, order stages, taxes etc.

We typically make a couple of entries together and then at your leisure you can add to or fine tune your setup as needed.

During the training of the system we will walk you through the flow of taking an order from start to finish, covering topics like Quoting, Purchasing, the Approval System, receiving money from your customer, exporting to QuickBooks etc. 

Before you purchase, you will be in “demo mode” and you can remain there until you are ready to go live.

When a user subscribes to Teesom, our setup team will be notified and they will reach out to schedule a time, convenient for you, to schedule your first formal setup session.

At the end of the first session we will decide if any additional sessions will be required. We do not stop meeting until you comfortable that you are properly setup.

The sessions are via a Screen Share, and you can request that these sessions are recorded for future reference.

Always remember that we have live chat built into Teesom and if you have any questions while working, you can simply click the chat button and talk to a real person.

If you you are reading this,  there is nou doubt that you are serious about streamlining your business operations.

We don’t list all of Teesom’s features on our website.

We recommend that you schedule an appointment so that we can asses your needs and show you how Teesom’s features can work in your shop.

Together we can determine if Teesom is a fit for you and your team.

We certainly believe that you won’t cancel, but if you do, your data belongs to you.

If you cancel your subscription, you will still have access to Teesom and your historic data. You will automatically be converted to the FREE version and can continue to use Teesom if you process 20 orders or less a month.

At any time you can re-subscribe to Teesom.

Do you have other questions?

If the Teesom's FAQ did not answer all your questions, schedule a quick 30 minute introductory call with, Brenda, our product specialist.

It's important to note, that this is not a pushy sales call!
We want you to ask questions, and tell us about your operational challenges. Together we can determine if Teesom will work for your company. 
Teesom Introductory Call With Brenda Doblinger
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