Free Print Shop Management Software

Designed for DTG Printing, Screen Printing, Embroidery and Heat Pressing Companies and More

Available In The USA Only! Other Countries Coming Soon

Is Teesom's Print Shop Management Software Free?

It's not a trial version. It's Totally FREE

Teesom’s Free print shop management software, is specifically designed for start up companies who do 20 orders or less a month.

We know starting up a new business is hard and it takes a while before you will be flying.

We wanted to help, companies just like you, to grow their new businesses faster.

That is why we decided to launch our FREE version with ALL features included.

We want you to have all the tools you need to grow your new business and be successful. After all our motto is “Your Success Is Our Success!”

Teesom Is Available In the USA Only

TEESOM is a HUGE part of our success

Features Free Paid


Number Of Users On Paid Version Depends On Package Selected

1 View Here


Number of new quotes and invoices that can be created in a month.

20 Unlimited

Text Messages Included

100 Unlimited

Price Lists

Some call it price matrices we call them price lists.

15 Unlimited

User Access Control

Limit access to certain areas of the program. Group users under a user type and assign access control to the user type.
Because there is only 1 user in Teesom's Free Version

Priority Support

We respond within one business day. Well… that is our policy, but it is much faster than that.

Live Chat Support

There is Live chat support in Teesom. Just click on the chat icon and speak to a real person on the other end. If they cannot help you immediately, they will create a support ticket and escalate it to the next level.

Remote / Zoom Support

Instead of exchanging many messages, it is just sometimes easier to initiate a remote support session and get the problem instantly resolved. If we cannot answer your question within 3 exchanges, then we will suggest a remote session to get it resolved. We do not like aging tickets 😊
30 Minute Session


Initial Setup or Training

1 Hour Sessions

2 6

Additional Setup and Training

1 Hour Session

$30 $15

Save On Annual Plans


World Class Support!

The 1st Free Print Shop Management Software

For DTG Printing, Screen Printing, Embroidery and Heat Pressing Companies and More

If  you are..

• Spending hours creating purchase orders or doing paperwork.

• Not paying enough attention to your customers.

• Getting home late at night and barely have time for your loved ones.

• Too small to spend $100 or more on industry software.

Then Teesom’s free print shop management software is for you.

You can be in total control and successfully manage your entire business from anywhere in the world and on any device.

Teesom Print Shop Managament Software

Grow your business from anywhere, using any device for free!

Use Teesom's Free Print shop management software, to...

Create Quotes, Work Orders, Invoices and Purchase Orders. Manage Production Schedules and Take Online Payments

Why You Need Industry Specific Software

Implementing new software seems like a daunting task.

But avoiding it can result in an organizational disaster, inconsistent pricing, late deliveries, loss of customers, unhappy employees, cash flow restraints and many sleepless nights.

You’re not alone, we’ve helped many companies like yours, since 2002, to implement their print shop management software, and we can do the same for you.

We will help you setup your software, train you and your employees and give expert advice on how to implement Teesom in a way that will streamline your business operations and maximize profits.

And now that Teesom is offering, free print shop management software, with our powerful features included, you really have no reason to wait. 

Teesom Free Print Shop Management Software

Inksoft vs. Prinavo vs. Teesom vs. YoPrint vs. Priceit vs. Deconet vs FastManager

Is Teesom right for me?

We can debate, which  software is the best, all day long. The fact is, it is very subjective.

Even though Teesom has free print shop management software, that includes all features and world class support, it may not be the best option for your company.  It depends on your business model. In many cases Teesom would be the best fit, but in some cases it may not be a great fit.

Your time is valuable, and taking up hours of your time, implementing the wrong software, is not good for anybody.

We urge you to setup a quick 30min appointment so you can tell us all about your business needs. We want to know, what challenges you face everyday, and together we can identify if Teesom will work for your company.

Customer retention is more important to us than making quick sale. 

Let’s talk . We will listen and give you our honest feedback.

If you like what you’ve seen so far, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Inksoft vs. Printavo vs. Teesom vs. PriceIT vs YoPrint vs DecoNet and anyone I may have missed.

It's a No Brainer

For than $0 a day, you cannot afford not to implement Teesom.

It’s easy to prove.

If you spend one hour a day on purchasing and you earn $8 an hour, (which is probably not the case!).

You will save more than $168 a month only using Teesom’s Purchase Order Module combined with our Live Integration to submit orders.

That is just when you are only using 1 feature.

Teesom’s free print shop management software, comes with all features included. Can you imagine how much you will save using all the other features, such as quotes, production management etc.

Our competitors expect you to pay $200 per month or more if you want to create purchase orders or integrate with QuickBooks. With Teesom all of it is included in our Free version