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Join other Screen Printing, Embroidery, Heat Pressing and DTG Printing companies who love Teesom
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Using Teesom, as a business owner I have more time to do more things, such as, marketing, employee appreciation, more hands on running a business rather than the day to day order taking helping my employees with orders it just runs more smooth. Not going to lie, I’m taking a few more vacations than normal, it’s made being an employer way easier!

Traci Weible

We went from using three separate programs, a client server based order system, a payment system and a proofing system and so bringing all three of those together and then having all that information in one place from the recording of the payments to the approvals of the proofs has definitely been a time saver and makes us feel like we are working with the most accurate up to date data

Dustin Reaves
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